Dansa di Hujan

Hari Minggu yang lalu saya pergi ke sebuah festival di Jakarta, namanya We The Fest. Ini bukan kali pertama saya hadir sih, tahun – tahun sebelumnya saya juga hadir, maklum festival semacam ini menarik sekali buat saya karena bisa nonton banyak musisi dalam satu acara.

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Zayn – Mind of Mine

Today’s a Friday and it’s a public holiday here in Indonesia. Here I am still in bed with my laptop, just lazily browsing the net while listening to Zayn’s debut album – Mind of Mine.

Yes people, the full album is out! I have been anticipating it since Zayn first dropped the first single – Pillow Talk. It caught my attention because it’s so different than 1D’s songs and no, I’m not a fan of 1D and I didn’t even know Zayn before he said he’s leaving the band.. anyway… I like Pillow Talk, but not as much as It’s You or Like I Would – two songs that he released afterwards.

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Sunday Story

I started my Sunday by spending time with my mum and brother at home, relaxing. Then I went for lunch with my friends in Kemang area, in an American restaurant called Nolita Coffee & Comfort Food. We used to work in the same place but the three of us have left the company now. It was great to meet them as it has been awhile since we last hung out together.

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Turning30 celebrations : The Yoga Party

Like I mentioned in this post, this year me and a group of friends are turning 30. To bid farewell to our 20s and welcome our 30s in the most fun way, we decided to host a celebration for each of us on our birthday. There are 7 of us so that means 7 parties this year! Sounds like a great start to our 30s, right? 🙂

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