Indonesia Mengglobal – Memilih Jurusan Advertising dan Marketing Communications

Dream Explore Wander – 10 Days, 10 England Cities, Limitless Fun!


Indonesia Mengglobal – Cheers to Friendship!

Indonesia Mengglobal – Visiting University of Southern California


CLEO Indonesia Magazine: June Edition – Akhir Pekan Seru di Coachella

CLEO Indonesia - June Edition
CLEO Indonesia – June Edition

NYLON Indonesia Magazine: July Edition – Summer in Los Angeles

NYLON Indonesia - July Edition
NYLON Indonesia – July Edition

Jalan2Liburan  – Destinasi Favorit di Lombok yang Tidak Mainstream


SurviveLDR – Five Signs That Your LDR Isn’t Worth It

SurviveLDR – Three Ways To Beat The Valentine’s Day Blues

SurviveLDR – Four signs You Can Trust Your Long-Distance Love

SurviveLDR – How to Have Difficult Conversations With Your LDR Partner

SurviveLDR – How to Survive A Long-Distance Relationship: A Guide for New Couples

Danirachmat.com – Tips Menghemat Uang Ala Mahasiswa Rantau

SurviveLDR – Fun Things To Do Online With Your Long-Distance Partner

SurviveLDR – Why Long – Distance Relationships Fail

SurviveLDR – Communication Strategies For How To Make Long – Distance Relationships Work 

Pokio App Blog – Arti Tipe Musik Favorit Pasangan Kamu

SurviveLDR – Planning a Long-Distance Engagement Party


Airfrov Indonesia Blog – 5 Alasan Kenapa Kamu Harus Mampir ke Line Store di Korea

Airfrov Indonesia Blog – Daebak Rare Kill si Penghilang Komedo yang sangat Daebak

Airfrov Indonesia Blog – 5 Spot Wisata Kece di Melbourne Untuk Foto – foto! 

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